We look further.

We’ve never been satisfied with just meeting expectations.
We want to inspire you with what’s possible.

What’s it like working with IBE?

We’re friendly, helpful and committed to looking after our clients. We don’t wear suits or ties and our straight talking, honest approach is key to our success. By keeping things simple and working with the facts, we are able to build solid and long lasting relationships with our clients.

What can we do?

Most things! Digital and web design, web development, complex integrations, graphic design, branding, marketing, social media, advertising, SEO… we’re an extremely flexible team with a broad range of skills. We’ve never had to tell a client we can’t help them with something, in fact we’re often appointed because of our can-do attitude and approach. If you have specific requirements then we’d be delighted to discuss these with you.

What’s our process?



We love asking questions. Maybe you only have a rough idea of what you need. We’ll discuss and explore your ideas and help shape your vision. If you have a more thorough specification we’ll work through the details, refining and enhancing as we go. Just to be clear, this is about enriching your project, not expanding your budget.



We believe the creative process works best when it’s collaborative. We’ll share our thinking with you at regular stages to ensure you’re happy with your design as it takes shape. Many of our clients are happy to trust in our expertise, but we’re able to craft your vision into reality if you have strong ideas about what’s required.



In the spirit of transparency and keeping you up to date, we like to share progress and developments early, for example beta websites are often launched within just a few days which enables content to be worked on quickly. An agile development approach allows us to incorporate client comments or requests as the project progresses for more efficient delivery.



As digital marketing grows more interconnected, integrating with external systems and services is essential. Our geeks get quite excited about this stuff and so far we’ve integrated Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, Dubit, Google Maps, Pardot, SagePay, PayPal, Vebra, Amazon Web Services and internal CRM systems.



An ugly website with lots of visitors will ALWAYS outperform a beautiful website with few or no visitors. Our SEO skills can be applied to new or existing websites with great effect. To put our money where our mouth is, go ahead and Google “Cambridge design agency”.



And we’re back to asking questions. What worked? What didn’t? How can we improve? Using various methods we can measure the success of your new website, advertising campaign or other marketing. That way you can really see the return on your investment and how to move forward.

To get a quote

Call us.  We offer a free consultation at the start of each project to discuss your requirements and budget. Where the full specification of your project is not covered by your initial budget we can often help to identify an MVP (minimum viable product) or staged deployment to help get things moving.

Who are we?

David Robins

Head of Digital & Lead Developer

Nina Langley

Senior Designer

Ben Fountain

Senior Developer

Natalie Yates

Copywriter/proof reader

Christian Scott

Client Services Director

Collectively we have over 70 years experience designing, developing and marketing. From our base in Cambridge we work with SMEs to industry leading corporates, both locally and internationally.

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