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Creativity without a marketing objective is just art; it might be beautiful but won’t help grow your company, organisation or brand. We provide design and digital mastery with a solid foundation in business thinking.

Marketing: The devil’s in the data

While we can often use our experience or instinct to guide a marketing strategy, nothing beats data. Website traffic, bounce rates, conversion goals and customer response are all irrefutable insights into the effectiveness of your website or advertising campaign. So if there’s one thing we can’t repeat too often, it’s the importance of capturing data in the first place.

Delivering an effective full service marketing solution heavily relies upon gathering this intelligence, about your products and services, competition, market, key influencers and much more. The more intelligence and data which we consume the more effective you can expect your marketing to be.

Developing a marketing strategy

Once we’ve got (hopefully bucketloads) of information, it’s time to get strategic. If the interaction is unidirectional as in advertising, it’s all about encouraging your audience to do whatever it is you want them to do; call you, visit your website, buy your product. If the interaction is bidirectional as in using your website, the exchange is more complex. Driving your audience to your goal must be done through whatever your audience wants; finding information, comparing products etc.

We’ll ensure that we harness the power of the most suitable marketing channels to engage your key audiences.

Creative marketing execution

The final stage is creative execution of the marketing strategy. Finding ways to penetrate the marketing noise that every member of your audience is exposed to every day requires persistence and perspective. We’ll work closely with you to utilise traditional and digital channels in executing your strategy, ensuring that the ability to measure each aspect is baked right in.

Regular reviews, assessment and measurement enable us to respond to new intelligence and maximise the reach and effectiveness of your marketing activity.

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