March 2015

27% of web traffic is malicious and non-human

Global web traffic has increased sharply over the past few years, however the majority of today’s traffic is not actually human traffic.

According to bot traffic report from 2014, 56% of website traffic can be traced back to bots that automatically browse websites for different purposes. Roughly half of all automated traffic comes from good bots, e.g. search engine crawlers that index a website’s content. The other half of automated traffic is malicious though, caused by impersonators, content scrapers or other hacking tools that are used to steal data, spam websites or simply bring them down.

Statista analysed 1.5bn visits across 20,000 global sites to see how much web traffic was by humans and what proportion was computer generated.

Only 44% came from human site visitors, while the remaining 56% was considered non-human.

Infographic: Humans Account for Less Than Half of Global Web Traffic | Statista

Not all non-human traffic is untrustworthy or insecure. According to Statista’s data, however, half of non-human traffic is potentially malicious with a majority of that likely to be impersonators – bots faking sentience and striving to get users to click dodgy links.