Wordpress developers Cambridge

September 2014

Cambridge’s best WordPress developers

Whilst we’re still waiting to be officially crowned with the title of Cambridge’s best WordPress developers, we’re confident that our growing credentials and some great case studies will support our claim.

Our experience developing websites using the WordPress content management system dates back to 2009 and has seen us launch over 70 diverse new or updated websites, including corporate websites, blogs, eCommerce, brochure sites, microsites, online apps and forums.

Why WordPress?

We love WordPress for one simple reason; our clients seem to find it very simple to use. Whilst we remain CMS independent and frequently work with Drupal, Joomla, Fuel, Kentico and even MS SharePoint CMS’s (to name a few), we often demo a couple of suitable CMS’s for each project, and usually find our clients leaning towards the more intuitive WordPress system.

WordPress for corporate websites

Absolutely, yes!

WordPress has gained somewhat of a stigma over recent years as it started its life as a blogging platform, but it really has evolved beyond that and matured to become a reliable, robust and fully featured CMS platform. Out of the box functionality is great, and a comprehensive library of plugins and extensions means that additional functionality is easily achievable, for example ecommerce, forums and bulletin boards.

Re-skinning a WordPress website

One of the main features of WordPress, or indeed any database driven or content managed website, is the separation between the design and content, therefore making it really easy to change how the website looks and functions without having to change the content. We have successfully taken a number of websites, and applied a new design theme to totally transform the appearance and subsequently the effectiveness of the website.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

The final point we’d like to make on WordPress is about its superior search performance. We won’t get too technical here, we’ll leave that for another blog post on SEO, but in brief, WordPress has made a considerable contribution to getting a number of our client websites onto the first page of Google, often in position #1, for their target keywords and phrases.

This we feel is for a number of reasons, including;

  • WordPress runs efficiently and doesn’t place too much load onto the host computer, and Google loves a website that loads fast
  • Good (and friendly) URL structures, use of meta data and H1 to H6 tags as standard
  • Clean and intelligently coded content management system
  • Pinging and commenting options
  • Good internal linking functionality
  • Image meta and title information


To summarise

We love working with WordPress, our clients love using the content management controls, and search engines love it too!

We’re always ready to roll our sleeves up and to get involved in your WordPress project.