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Our comprehensive website audit provides you with useful guidance on where you can make improvements that are likely to increase your website’s effectiveness. We often find that simple small changes can make a big impact…

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A thorough investigation

Our comprehensive audit looks at your website from every angle;

User Experience (UX)

Does your website conform to the 6 second rule? Can visitors quickly extract what they’re looking for, navigate easily and interact effectively? We’ll look specifically at:

  • Usability and accessibility
  • Page load times
  • Structure and navigation
  • Browser & device compatibility
  • Design and content
  • Presentation of your proposition, USP’s and core messages.


Is your website being found in search engines? Is the content suitably optimised to achieve maximum impact within search engines? How else can you increase traffic?

  • Search performance
  • Competition analysis
  • Content optimisation
  • Links and link quality
  • Bounce rates and exit points.


Is the speed of your website putting off your visitors? Are you making the most of today’s technologies? How can technology help UX and search?

  • Risk assessment and security best practice
  • Speed and performance
  • Code validation.


Does your website comply with the latest legislation?

  • Privacy policy, cookie statement and terms of use
  • Displays company registration details
  • Opt-in policies for data capture
  • Trademarks, copyright and intellectual property.

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