Our creative, strategic and passionate approach has helped to create and influence exciting brand stories on and offline.


Brand experience

Our relationship with Huntsman is as mature as IBE and continues to grow year on year. A complex branding challenge with over 1000 trademarks and 2500 products which touch every corner of the earth and space.

Working with the advanced materials and polyurethanes teams we deliver innovative advertising, print, web and exhibition projects for the EMEA, APAC and South American markets.


Brand book

To help Bell English communicate delicate structural changes and a significant change to their business model, we developed a compelling brand book focused on their rich heritage and reaffirming their brand values.

The brand book was circulated globally to staff, teachers, partners and agents to reinforce their positioning as the leading providers of unforgettable learning experiences to transform lives.

ISKO Division – Sanko Tekstil
Digital branding

Producing over 250 million metres of fabric each year and already being considered one of the leading denim manufacturers in the world, we helped ISKO transition from a b2b supplier into a fashion brand.

This was achieved by adopting a more consumer-centric approach with their marketing, messaging and new web presence.



Xaar Plc
Digital brand

Cambridge’s latest high-tech success story, Xaar Plc develops cutting-edge drop-on-demand printing technology and manufacturer world-leading digital inkjet printheads which are trusted by industrial markets worldwide including in packaging, ceramics, manufacturing, coding and marking, graphics and laminates applications.

We were appointed as new digital partners to help during a period of rapid growth which resulted in exploring and embracing new digital marketing channels, generating more content and a complete overhaul of their digital brand experience.

Carl Zeiss
Brand experience

Since November 2014 we have assumed the role of creative artwork studio for Zeiss, working with their Microscopy, Meditec and Consumer Optics divisions in the European market.

A complex brand guide requires an ambassadorial approach to creating a varied brand experience for exhibitions, newsletters, advertising, collateral and online advertising materials.


Brand experience

Founded by entrepreneur David Excell and Professor of Applied Statistics from Cambridge University, Bill Fitzgerald, Featurespace pioneered a new generation of behavioural change identification algorithms to understand individual and group behaviour in real time, and calculate human interaction events before they occur. Simply put, they predict the future.

Our understanding of and ability to simplify a complex brand message won us the opportunity to work with this innovative local tech company.

Life Productions
Brand creation

Life Productions received the kick-start they needed to launch their new premium brand.

Their experience product underwent a full brand overhaul resulting in luxury packaging, stunning point of sale materials, a suite of marketing collateral and cutting edge online marketing.

Achieving 1st year sales targets within 9 months was the icing on the cake, until their product reached the highly competitive shelves of Harrods.

The Drip Drops Inc.
Brand experience

We deliver brand experience and creative services to The Drip Drops, the only character-driven preschool app and eBook series that focuses on art and colour aimed at 2 – 6 year olds.

The value of artistic expression is vital for childhood growth, development and the overall well-being during the early stages of life. The fun, engaging, educational and interactive tools provide young children with the tools necessary to appreciate and investigate the world around them.


Tiny Planets
Brand experience

Tiny Planets is a kids virtual world based on an award winning BBC TV and has been aired in over 100 territories. The virtual world carries on from where the series and encourages learning by exploration, problem-solving and discovery for boys and girls aged 5 to 10.

Working alongside gaming experts InTrigger, we helped Tiny Planets to monetise their game with measurement and strategy, design, development and improving the integration with the Dubit platform.

Brand development

Working closely alongside virtual consultancy KZero Worldswide, we developed our first native iOS app for the latest quiz game to hit the Appstore, QuizBoss.

Harnessing our branding expertise we built a strong and simple brand identity ensuring that it was accessible for users of all ages and worked in small icon format for the app and in on and offline applications.


KZero Worldswide Ltd
Brand experience

We helped KZero develop their industry niche and prove their credentials consulting within the virtual world marketplace by delivering an innovative online brand experience.

The online sales and global publication of their unique charts and authoritative reporting smashed all targets and has resulted in spinning off successful new global brands.

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