Brand communication for language school

Bell Educational, Cambridge

A global audience

Although this project kicked off as a typical brand guideline document, it soon became clear that it was more about presenting the history and future objectives of the organisation and the written and verbal language that should be used by staff and partners around the globe. The guide does cover the more common topics of logo usage, colours and fonts, but its main focus was educating the internal team for the purposes of evolving and growing the business.

Bell branding design

Investing in photography

To capture real life at Bell, professional photography was commissioned instead of using generic shots from stock libraries. This resulted in a vibrant suite of powerful imagery that portrays the commitment, energy and diversity of Bell, along with showing off their beautiful locations, great facilities and fun and engaging personality.

26 Jan 2012

Maintaining a high international profile and strong brand is paramount to the future success of Bell. Our new guide will really help the team, our teachers, our partners and 3rd parties all over the world to understand the importance of presenting our business and brand professionally and consistently.

Branding testimonial from BellNatalie Dawe, Group Marketing Manager
Bell Educational