Alluring advertising campaign for beauty experts

Elaje, Cambridge

Investing in your appearance

The starting point for Elaje’s new advertising campaign was to invest in a new suite of photography to convey a modern, fashionable and vibrant beauty business. Having achieved a good local reputation and nominations for industry awards, including the best out-of-London salon which greatly helped to raise awareness, we highlighted the benefits of delivering a strategic and cohesive advertising campaign to really drive home its quality proposition, within Cambridge and further afield.

Press & outdoor advertising

To ensure maximum effectiveness of the advertising activity, we completed a number of trial campaigns to identify what worked best.

With the evaluation complete, we were able to devise engaging offers that successfully attracted new customers and built brand loyalty. The initial 12 month campaign achieved a four-fold increase in offer redemption, improved customer loyalty and a significant rise in footfall and pre-bookings, which ensured our services were retained for 4 years.

15 Mar 2011

It’s been fun tracking the success of our advertising campaigns and watching our brand grow throughout Cambridge. The advertising has been really effective so thanks for all your work!

advertising-quoteJulia Gaudio, Owner
Elaje Hair & Beauty