Bespoke development and Amazon integration for new marketing platform

Offertune, London

bespoke website app development


Offertune is the brainchild of restauranteurs looking for a way to increase footfall during their quiet periods. Best described as a hybrid of Mailchimp’s simple yet powerful email creation and delivery platform and Groupon’s offer / voucher service, Offertune now allows any size of business in retail, leisure or hospitality to engage with and grow their customer base.

The project has been our biggest bespoke development project to date, requiring months of careful planning and hundreds of hours of interface design and app development.

Offertune is a powerful application, featuring:

  • Email marketing

  • Mailing list management and segmentation

  • Drag and drop HTML email builder

  • Detailed email reporting

  • Automated / scheduled email delivery

  • Voucher purchase, redemption and refunding

  • Dynamic voucher creating and delivery

  • Detailed sales campaign data reporting

  • Affiliated sales and rewards

Bespoke UI design

With an application this sophisticated, making the interface as simple as possible was paramount. Using a carefully designed tabbed interface it was possible to make Offertune simple to use without needing a complex navigation structure. Information, action and warning elements were designed to be consistent, reducing the learning curve. And if there’s any uncertainty, each page has a big red help button! Contextual help and step by step instructions are baked right into the application.

Bespoke website design
Bespoke web dev AWS Amazon integration

Amazon integration

By integrating the platform with Amazon’s AWS service for mass email distributiion, Offertune are able to deliver email on behalf of their clients much cheaper than Mailchimp which is known globally as being the cheapest email marketing platform.

AWS provides a scalable, robust, highly sophisticated and secured platform which allows Offertune to deliver a high quality service to its customers.

Email builder

Undoubtedly the centrepiece of Offertune, our bespoke development of a feature-rich drag and drop email builder allows users to create any kind of custom email template, with far fewer restrictions than other email platforms. Users can also use and modify a range of existing templates. Details of their offer are dynamically inserted into the template using simple placeholders. Finally the system automatically adds elements to meet legal requirements and to help ensure low spam scoring.

The builder dynamically generates email software friendly code, ensuring their emails look great when they arrive in the customer’s inboxes.

Marketing automation

By delivering a fully automated system which delivers auto-reminders and notifications of upcoming campaign activity enables busy managers to plan for up to 18 months in advance.


Simple reporting and analysis tools make it easy to understand campaign results and effectiveness in turn making it simple to improve future campaigns and activity.

Bespoke marketing website

After all of the hardcore bespoke application development, a sales tool was created to act as a shopfront for our client’s new marketing platform.

Bespoke website development
Bespoke website design

Supporting services

We helped Offertune roll out a bespoke platform to enable businesses which offer their customers access to free wifi to capture the email address of their users; a valuable tool for future marketing. We developed a bespoke interface which works seamlessly on any type of mobile or laptop device.

19 Mar 2015

Thanks for your great effort building our new online marketing platform, our customers are impressed with its features and capability.

Bespoke projectCharlie Gerard, CEO
Offertune Ltd