A cycle of integration and innovation

Pedelecs Ltd, Newmarket

A hub for all things electric and bicycle-y

A seriously comprehensive brief included a shopping list of technical requirements, including:

  • Front end account management for two distinct user types: dealers and manufacturers
  • ‘Premium’ dealer account status for advanced functionality
  • Comprehensive product search with more than a dozen parameters and product comparison feature
  • Local dealer search using Google Maps API including clickable county search
  • Integration with external forum platform
  • Integration with external ad management platform.

From search to sale

With hundreds of models from dozens of manufacturers, getting the details right is crucial. We made a simple to administer but powerful product management system, meaning users can quickly and easily search against accurate information direct from the manufacturers. Once users have chosen their new steed, it’s just one step to search for dealers who carry that product by distance from a postcode or online retailers anywhere in the UK.

Cambridge web design

Dealer mapping from every angle

Client: We need a dealer map that you can click on to search by county, or key in a postcode and a distance, plus the option to specify all or part of the dealer name, whether that dealer stocks bikes or conversion kits (or both), a particular brand and whether they are a retailer, online stockist or both.

Us: Would you like that SEO’d too?

Solution: A hefty chunk of Google Maps API, with a slice of overlay KML for the county clickable areas (hosted on Google FusionTables for improved performance) running an AJAX query of our dealer database to show results both as clickable location pins and a prioritised list. Phew!

Custom interfaces designed to be useable

An successful interface is more than skin deep. We think if we have to provide instructions to the user, we’ve failed. As an example, the video embedding feature on the manufacturer admin pages allows the user to input:

https://www.youtu.be/myembedcode or youtu.be/myembedcode or just myembedcode

…and everything still works. No need to complicate things by insisting the user adheres to rules.

Significant results

It was inevitable that some of the longest serving forum members wouldn’t appreciate the dramatic changes, but otherwise its been a wholesale success with significant increases in advertising revenue, content creation by 3rd parties, subscriptions, visitors and enquiries. And we’re happy having succeeded in delivering our most complex and feature-rich website to date.

7 Jan 2014

One of the bigger e-bike distributors we met at the NEC has just called me to say he’s just seen the new site, was very impressed and felt they ought to be a part of what we’re doing now.

website-testimonialHelen James, Marketing Director
Pedelecs Ltd