Native (iOS) app design

Quiz Boss c/o OMEC Ventures Ltd, Cambridge


Quiz Boss was conceived for mass market appeal to provide a fun, educational, interactive and social online app with the potential to monetise via membership in the future. The app required a completely inclusive look and feel to appeal to all ages and work with fingers large and small. During the design process we carefully specified each interaction to ensure a really simple and intuitive interface was delivered.

App Store submission

When the app build was fully tested and ready for launch, we worked to Apple’s strict guidelines and submitted the new app to their store for approval. The Quiz Boss app was approved first time round and was launched three weeks after submission.

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Brand development

Online brands work hard and travel far these days, so it’s important for the identity to work in a number of size formats. Throughout the development process we ensured that our concepts worked well as avatars, favicons, profiles and icons.

Social media branding

A fully branded social media experience helps to increase interaction and engagement via social platforms, helping to build trust and integrity.

Supporting website

One requirement for Apple’s app approval process is a supporting website to provide technical information, FAQ’s and support to app users. Although the website only needs to be very basic, our standard offering these days naturally includes an easy-to-use content management system, a good degree of search engine optimisation and a mobile responsive design so desktop, tablet and smartphone users have an equally seamless user experience.

21 Mar 2014

Thanks for all your help with launching the Quiz Boss app, everything looks great and it’s been approved quickly for the App Store.

online-app-development-testimonialSheila Mitham, Director
OMEC Ventures Ltd