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Scanbio Marine Group AS, Norway

Branding background

ScanBio is a Norwegian business which recycles waste from the fishery industry to make high-protein ingredients used in animal feed products. To help with the sale of new products into previously untouched markets and to position the business as a leading sustainable and ethical provider, a complete brand overhaul was necessary.

Branding development

In developing concepts for ScanBio, we were careful to consider the company’s broad range of products. The ‘recycling fish’ in the final design speaks clearly of the business’s core proposition. The complementary typographical style carries the brand right through the product range.

Branding design concepts

Branding design agency Cambridge
Branding design agency Cambridge
Branding design agency Cambridge
Cambridge branding agency

2 Feb 2014

Our new branding pulls together years of disparate communications into a single cohesive message, you’ve done a fine job thanks.

Corporate brandingPeter McDonald, Sales & Marketing Director
Scanbio AS Marine Group