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Xaar Plc, Cambridge


Cambridge’s latest high-tech success story, Xaar Plc, developed cutting-edge drop-on-demand printing technology and manufacturer world-leading digital inkjet printheads. Their technology is the most effective way to lay down precise volumes​ of inks and fluids with pin-point accuracy and is trusted by industrial markets worldwide including in packaging, ceramics, manufacturing, coding and marking, graphics and laminates applications.

A period of rapid growth resulted in Xaar exploring and embracing new digital marketing channels, generating more content, needing a complete website overhaul and targeting new industrial printing markets. This led to them reaching out to new digital partners and forging a relationship with IBE.

Flash user guide

Our first project for Xaar was to help their product support division to communicate their serious commitment to aftercare by reinforcing the message that prevention is much more efficient than cure.

We produced an intuitive presentation which demonstrates the printhead maintenance process and the benefits if this procedure becomes part of the production routine.

Alongside meticulous planning, carefully considered content creation and multiple storyboard iterations, the project involved lots of illustration, Adobe Flash animation, language variations and careful optimisation for electronic distribution via the client’s customer portal.

Flash developer Cambridge
Cambridge digital marketing

Responsive email development

To help maximise the effectiveness of Xaar’s email marketing activity, we designed responsive email newsletter templates. We then built these into their email marketing system, eShot, which we identified as being the most suitable platform for their needs.

With nearly 50% of emails now being opened on mobile devices, it’s important that their email communications look equally beautiful and accessible on the move as they do when viewed from the office.


Social media branding

After deciding to make social media work harder for their business to communicate with new audiences, we helped ensure the consistent presentation of their brand to build trust and increase engagement. Their social profiles help reinforce their strength and position within the market and provides comfort and recognition to users already familiar with the brand.

Bespoke development

The global sales and marketing teams relied upon the social platform, Posterous, used in private mode, to share valuable insight, research and knowledge. Twitter however acquired the platform and closed it down in 2012.

We created a new bespoke system which features similar and improved functionality to Posterous, including; the ability for users to create new topics; post rich content, leave comments, share and like content, invite and suggest new users, automated notifications and alerts and provides different levels of content authoring access and controls.

By adopting the latest coding techniques, the usability of the system is streamlined by enabling content to be published without requiring a page refresh, cookies remember users are signed in and user filtering by domain name ensures maximum security.

Bespoke website development Cambridge

Digital Expo support

At the InPrint industrial print show in Munich 2014, to guarantee visitors left with a full understanding of our client’s technology and its full potential, we developed interactive presentations demonstrating the application of its products within their six core markets.

Microsite development

Xaar needed to launch an application-specific microsite to support recent growth, interest and investment in the ceramics tile manufacturing market and the launch of their latest digital printhead.

We delivered a simple manageable multi-language website using the WordPress content management platform and implemented a number of bespoke features to simplify data capture, embedding videos, downloads and delivery of a partner directory.

An intuitive interface makes it easy to update the website to reflect the look and feel of the current advertising campaign and embedded tools make it straightforward to manage on page SEO.

Digital microsite development Cambridge

Corporate website

Several months of careful planning, extensive design and methodical project management culminated in the delivery of a new corporate website. The new site uses Microsoft’s SharePoint CMS and is full of rich features including video sliders, responsive design, partner directories, tabbed layouts, live feeds and 3rd party integrations.

Web design Cambridge

Project highlights included

Feasibility study

The first major decision for this project was choosing the right content management system from a shortlist of four. A comprehensive review was completed to assess the feasibility of using their preferred platform, Microsoft SharePoint as a CMS for a public website, as it was typically used for internal collaboration and sharing requirements. After much deliberation SharePoint was selected, ultimately because the business already used it and therefore integration, training, hosting and development would cause less concern.

Contractor recruitment

We were involved in the recruitment process to help find the most suitable SharePoint contractor to work with us to deliver the new website.

SharePoint is rarely used for public websites so it was important to find a consultant with the necessary back-end development and SharePoint expertise but also understanding of the importance of content-management-ability, security, responsiveness and the front-end marketing requirements of this type of website.

Colours & branding

We developed an exciting colour palette to complement the vibrant modern brand, and provided a simple website branding & style guideline.

Information architecture & page layouts

An extensive range of page layout templates were designed whilst paying careful attention to the presentation of different content types including directories, product grids, tabbed layouts, various data capture forms and most importantly the website navigation. In many places the rich content is displayed in columns, which brings its own challenges but makes for easier reading and browsing and improves the presentation of text-heavy content.

Web design agency Cambridge
Cambridge corporate website design

Video slider

This unique presentation of multiple YouTube videos makes its easy to find out about life and culture working for a leading technology business. The innovative slider feature works beautifully across latest web browsers including mobile devices however degrades gracefully on legacy browsers.

Website development integration Cambridge


The website seamlessly integrates with a number of services to provide a rich user experience; Investis live stock feeds show latest trading data, job opportunities embedded via internal HR platform, data capture input direct into email marketing platform and social media integration makes it easy to share and like content.

16 Feb 2015

The new multi-language Xaar website is a significant step forward for Xaar’s online presence. We love IBE’s design. Throughout the development process we worked very closely with IBE to help us achieve technically and creatively what we wanted. And we’ve been delighted with the results ever since!

Charlotte Baile, Marketing Communications Manager
Xaar Plc